Silvercocoon is a Minneapolis-based multi-disciplinary design studio originally founded in a vintage Airstream camper in 2001 by Tia & Souliyahn Keobounpheng. The husband and wife team work collaboratively on residential design projects while also maintaining their own individual bodies of work ranging from architectural art installations to jewelry. Tia's collection of laser-cut jewelry debuted in 2007 at a solo trunk show at the Walker Art Center's shop and has been sold in museum stores across the country ever since. Her newest work incorporates more traditional metal-smithing with the laser-cut acrylic.​

“My husband is a refugee. He came to Minnesota in 1979 from Laos via a refugee camp in Thailand when he was about 9 years old. Undoubtedly his experience as a refugee changed the trajectory of his life. Much of his own creative work is thread together with a consciousness that uniquely stems from being Laotian, a refugee, and an American citizen. He is a living example of the human spirit that is threatened by conflict, and that is so present in refugees around the world. Living creatures, by nature, want to live and thrive. Refugees are simply human beings struck by circumstance. I am inspired to be part of the Makers Collection because it allows me to support refugees, in their quest to thrive beyond circumstance, by doing the work that I do best.” –Tia Keobounpheng, Silvercocoon

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